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Ginseng - Vitality for life

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Korean Ginseng 600 mg
Capsule 10.99 £9.99

*Suitable for vegetarians and Vegans

Once the secret of the Orient for more than 4000 years, ginseng is now used extensively all over the world to promote stamina and endurance and to increase energy. Ginseng is an aromatic plant whose root contains a multitude of substances from minerals to complex organic chemicals.

Ginseng is believed to improve the body's ability to use oxygen. This could lead to an increase in mental and physical stamina.

Ginseng is reported to improve concentration and memory and to help the body cope with an active modern lifestyle. Good Health and improved performance Ginseng's actions in the body are due to a complex interplay of constituents. The primary group are the ginsenosides, which are believed to increase energy, and enhance intellectual and physical performance.

Other constituents include the panaxans, which help regulate glycaemic output, and the polysaccharides (complex sugar molecules), which help to support immune function.

Ginseng is believed to enhance physical and mental endurance, increase energy, to support adrenal function, to avoid daily energy troughs and enable the pursuit of a full and active lifestyle.

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