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Saw Palmetto

Supporting prostate health

  • Helps maintain prostate health
  • A healthy prostate is necessary for optimal male vigour
  • Saw Palmetto may especially be suitable for males who are over 40
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

The saw palmetto berry has been used by the native Americans for hundreds of years a food and a herbal treatment to maintain prostate health and improve male vigour.

A very common male health problem arises from the enlargement of the prostate. As males age, prostate function can become less efficient. Nutritional supplementation with saw palmetto can help maintain prostate health in good condition as men get older.

Product Description
Information 90
Saw Palmetto 1250mg
Capsule £13.99 £12.99
New Triple Pack (3 x 90)
Saw Palmetto 1250mg
Capsule £41.97 £35.99

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